borut_bohanecBorut Bohanec is professor of plant breeding and biotechnology at University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. His expertise is development of various techniques for plant breeding. His studies so far were reported in 81 peer reviewed articles and 8 academic publications. He is also a member of the Scientific committees for GMO applications in Slovenia and occasionally of the European Union. For long he has been actively involved in promoting the societal awareness of plant biotechnology and us such frequently exposed in media.

Article: Borut Bohanec dispels common GMO myths
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– TEDx: GMO controversies – science vs. public fear

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– University of Ljubjana: Biotechnical Faculty

misoMišo Alkalaj is a mathematician, IT manager at the “J. Stefan” Institute in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and a writer. He has published two books and several articles highlighting the scientifically untenable claims of environmental activists, and their general ignorance of science. He has also voiced similar views in several TV appearances and is generally regarded as the bane of environmentalists in Slovenia.

Climate scam
– Jožef Stefan Institute (ranked among the top ten research institutes in Europe)

We explain:

    • How GMOs are spreading throughout the world
    • How genetics protects plants against pests, fungal and bacterial diseases and viruses
    • What is an enviropig and why bulls need no horns
    • How plants can become frost resistant and need less fertilizer
    • How plants and animals could become living drug producers
    • Why any housewife would like to keep health promoting carrots, onions or tomatoes in her garden
    • How allergies on food can be a thing of the past and
    • How the president of Slovenia could »illuminate« his goldfish.

We also explain:

  • Why all these wonderful achievements are kept well hidden from you.